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Chasing the Dream

Young Jalenia

My belief is that everything in life happens for a reason; so you have to remember to live in the moment and look for the rainbow after the storm!

Growing up, I loved dressing up and just being girly. Always posing in everything I was wearing and making sure that my clothes had the matching accessories, bag, shoes and even sunnies! 

As I child, I loved being the center of attention and everyone knew that beauty and fashion was my thing. I loved modeling and was in it for years; taking etiquette classes, doing photoshoots and yes, runway shows, wardrobe changes and all! Why did I stop you ask? Well, I am pretty sure it had to do with being quite petite. By middle school, I was only 4’9" and it was no secret, I was not growing much more. Although I loved it, I eventually let it go, knowing it would be a difficult road for me to follow.

As a teenager, I never fully got away from it. When it came to birthday gifts or holidays, all I ever asked for, was shopping sprees, designer bags and shoes. My love for fashion grew so much, it did not fit within my closet and drawers. Think I’m kidding... ask my family!

As a young adult, my dream was to attend college in Paris or New York to major in fashion design and merchandising. Unfortunately, at the time it was not financially possible. I had graduated high school with many credit hours in cosmetology and decided to finish my training at the Paul Mitchell School here in Miami.

A cosmetology license and many years later, the unfortunate economic recession, left me with little clientele and a few odd jobs. I saw this as an amazing opportunity that allowed me to go back to school; but I was now married and fashion school in New York was out of the question for us.

Fortunately, I found a path that would incorporate a little of all the other things I really love, including events, travel and Disney! Through all of this, my fashion obsession only grew, I now had one full bedroom in my house as my closet. (Yikes! I still don’t know how my husband was okay with it.)

Disney Graduation Picture

I graduated with degree in Hospitality and Event Management after completing my internship at Walt Disney World Orlando. (Funny enough my internship role was in merchandising!) I later came across the opportunity to join the luxury hotel brand, Four Seasons, in an entry level position. As always, I was very ambitious and curious, which helped me grow quickly with various promotions at the hotel.

Four Seasons Wedding

Today, I have been with the company eight years, four of which have been in Sales and Events. This was my dream job outside of fashion, as I was able to book, plan and execute some amazing weddings and events while traveling the world, the Four Seasons way! 

Travel Pictures

The recent pandemic has been difficult for all of us. I personally was furloughed and was in search of a way to make ends meet. I was faced with what could be my last opportunity to live out my fashion dream. This is how and and when I decided to open my very own woman’s boutique, Love and Neutrals!

Love and Neutrals Logo

The vision and creation story of Love and Neutrals is for the next blog post but honestly, there is always something to talk about and More To Love than just our beautiful pieces!

I have listed some fun topics I look forward to talking about with all of you!

  • Style and Trends - New collections and pieces, the many ways to wear one piece, fashion finds and new trends!
  • Home Decor and Creative DIY projects.
  • Collaborations with other brands, bloggers, influencers, ambassadors.
  • Recipes of all kinds! (coffee and cocktails are definitely favorites here!)
  • Travel - As I like to call it the purpose of life. Learning by creating memories and experiences.
  • And so much more! 
I would love to hear from you! Please leave a comment below if there is a specific topic you would enjoy reading about in the future or if you just loved our post.

    Thank you so much for reading and I hope you enjoyed the history... of me!♡

    xoxo, Jalenia


    • I just learned so much! You’re so driven and inspiring! 👏🏼

    • Personally knowing you is truly a gift! You light up any room you walk in! Seeing you live one of your dreams is by far one of the best things!! Can’t wait to see where this journey takes you! <3

    • So proud of you Jelly! True inspiration 🌟

      Judy Vera

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